Home Elder Care Services

Are you worried about your elders? Do they need special care at home? Or maybe you’re the one who needs the care at home and searches for someone you can trust? Ask for Otlob.Tabib services for home elder care and we will provide you with all what you need. We have a very qualified team for home elder care that know how exactly to take care of the medical and psychological part of the elders (males/females). 

Why choose Otlob.Tabib? 

  • Otlob.Tabib provides you with very qualified and experienced staff. 
  • Otlob.Tabib ensures the safety conditions, so you will not be worried about the person that will take care of your elders according to all the terms and conditions with complete safety and security.
  • Otlob.Tabib also follows up with the service provider that takes care of the patients to make sure the service is properly provided. 

Importance of the home elder care service: 

Every one of us goes through different phases in life. The older persons get, the harder life becomes and they will need someone to take care of them. Here exactly lies the importance of providing care services for the elderly, not only in health care and home nursing but also in psychological care since they will always their need the community participation part to be satisfied, so they will always need to talk and share with someone who is qualified to listen and take care of them.

Some services provided by our team of elder home care:

  • Personal hygiene is one of the main tasks in caring for the elderly, as it provides assistance in bathing, dressing, relieving, and maintaining their general appearance.
  • Helping them go to the attending physician or to medical centres.
  • Supervising the preparation of meals for the elderly, and assisting them in eating those meals
  • Taking care of them while travelling.
  • Talking to them and socially participating in the public events they experience.
  • Reminding them of their medication appointments and helping them take them.
  • Helping them to move around the house and do some light exercise.
  • Following them constantly in order to protect them from injuries that may occur by mistake.

Ask for a medical services
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