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Do you feel any bone pain? Do you think you need to see a doctor? Do you specifically need physical therapy sessions? Did your pain ever block you from to the doctor? Are you unable to have a normal life with normal exercise?

Don’t you worry! We feel you, and what you really need is to contact us to get a home physiotherapist who will handle your own physiotherapy sessions and save you the effort of going to the physiotherapy centres. Otlob.Tabib has a very carefully selected team of males and females doctors to offer you all the physiotherapy sessions you need at home with complete privacy and very advanced physiotherapy devices and no need to go to the doctor’s or wait in long queues in the clinics or waiting for hours. 

You may think: Do physiotherapy sessions at home differ from in the clinic?

Many people believe that physiotherapy sessions require large-sized and expensive devices to be more efficient, but in reality, it’s just a misconception. In Otlob.Tabib, the specialized physiotherapist brings with him/her all the needed devices for the session at home, and it’s no different from the clinic sessions at all. Instead, the sessions are easier and calm at home, away from all the negativity in the clinic/hospital the patient may suffer from. 

Why physiotherapy sessions are important? 

When the patient is supposed to any injury after an accident, that left a deficiency in the movement of an organ of his body, the role of physiotherapy comes in the forefront to restore muscle functions quickly. This means that physiotherapy sessions are the main factor to restore the function of the affected organ quickly and well. 

Some injuries require physiotherapy sessions at home due to the difficulty of the patient's movement, as in some cases of stroke that causes paralysis or after operations or in cases of slipping and others, which forces the patient's family to bring the physiotherapist at home.   

Some cases that require physiotherapy sessions at home:

  • Strokes cause paralysis in one or all of the organs in the body such as paraplegia, or total paralysis, or paralysis in only one organ, depending on the location of the stroke and the extent of its effect on brain function. In that case, the patient needs to have physiotherapy sessions at home in order to restore his natural movement.
  • The patient needs post-operative physiotherapy sessions such as joint replacement and fractures that require prolonged immobility.
  • Herniated disc patients need back physical therapy to reduce pressure on the nerves causing the pain.
  • Parkinson's patients need physiotherapy sessions to help improve muscle movement and deal with excessive nerve signals.
  • Neck and shoulder pain patients need physical neck therapy to relieve pain, stretch the muscles, and restore circular neck movement.

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