Home Nursing Care Services

Do you need home nursing care? Are you searching for a qualified service provider who is liable and experienced enough? 

If you the answer is yes, then you need to ask for Otlob.Tabib services for Home nursing care. Once you choose Otlob.Tabib team, you need to know that you will get the best home care through a whole trained and qualified staff because: 

  • Otlob.Tabib’s nursing staff (Males/Females) is well trained to deal with different cases and provide the best nursing care.
  • Otlob.Tabib provides its staff with the latest technology medical devices for the different cases the patient may need.
  • Otlob.Tabib’s staff works under the supervision of specialized doctors. 
  • Otlob.Tabib saves you time and effort instead of transferring the patient from home to hospital and vice versa. 
  • Otlob.Tabib helps you to enhance the patient’s mood by getting the proper nursing care away from the hospitals’ environment. 
  • Otlob.Tabib puts special criteria while choosing the staff and gives them the proper training to deal with the different cases; including the diabetics old people. 
  • Otlob.Tabib makes a special program that suits each case individually to ensure providing unique services according to the patients’ needs and conditions.

Skills of the home nursing service provider: 

Otlob.Tabib puts a list of criteria when it comes to choosing qualified staff that are graduated from specialized nursing faculties and completely know how to: 

  • Give the patient the proper amount of the medicine according to the doctor’s prescription. 
  • Use the suitable solutions that are appropriate to the patient’s case when needed. 
  • Have a quick response with the emergency cases. 
  • Show enough experience dealing with deep injuries. 
  • Deal with the chronicle diseases; like Diabetes and Blood pressure.
  • Professionally deal with Colon and Alzheimer cases.

Some cases that need home nursing care: 

  • Chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, catheters, liver diseases, chest diseases, and shortness of breath that require the patient to stay on medical devices to install or improve his health condition such as home intensive care and ventilator.
  • All types of fractures, such as pelvic fractures or changing joints in which the patient needs to stay in bed for a long time.
  • Tumours that need special care, such as the installation of solutions, intravenous injection and other services that require home nursing services.
  • Bedsore diseases in all its stages, whether at the beginning of their appearance or if they are superficial or deep ulcers.
  •  Providing health care for patients with special needs, and rehabilitate them.

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